Online Casino With Live Enthralment

With millions of online members, ioncasino has now engrossed the live betting and gambling market and has become the largest in Asian market. The online ION agent casinos offer a wide variety of online casino and card games including most popular Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo (Dadu). These have made the online ION casino sites unbeatable this time.

Feel of Live Casino

The online ION casino offers the online players the same thrilling and excitement as of the live casino. Players can here enjoy the live dealing experience. They can see how the dealers deal the cards, or jumble up the dice and roulette players directly on their computer screen live.

And more exaggeratedly, these are not the end. At the online ION casino the players can also enjoy the thrill of playing with dear friends. These casinos offer the multi-player playing option which makes them more desirable.

Best Features

The best features of the ION casino agents are their social networking features. They offer Avatar or Buddy connection to the players as the players can join a live chat with other players. It also allows the players to join in the live deal tables. Along with these unique table features, the leading ION agent casino offer real time live streaming. It means that they offer the online players the same excitement as the offline land-based casinos.


Convenient Customer Support

In case online casino or betting customer support is a very important issue. Thus, with this ION casino the online bettors and gamblers experience the easiest and most convenient 24×7 customer support services. The highly qualified IT professionals and the skilled customer support operators are available all through the day and night and ready to clear all of the doubts, or any queries of the online players. The unmatched customer support at ion casino agents makes the online casino sites easy, safe, fast and reliable.

Easy Transaction

Easy and highly encrypted secured monetary transactions are the key here. The leading IONcasino sites offer local currency IDR transactions as well as allow foreign currency to directly invest here. Leading bank credit and debit cards including BCA, BNI, Mandiri etc. are accepted here in these casinos.


At online casino security matters a lot. Here at ION casino the players are protected with strong safety shield. If any problem arises, the players are able to contact the IT support staffs anytime.